Damn That’s Good

The water of life that is whisky is renown for its medicinal benefits and for being genuinely delicious. These little drams pack a punch and are just so right when everything is going so wrong; what other drink can you actually feel warming your soul, to calm and soothe? On many occasion in my hours of darkness I have poured a dram of liquid sunshine to cure my woe all with success and I take solace in the old Irish proverb:

           “What whisky will not cure, there is no cure for”

My name is Kate and I am a writer by passion but work in hospitality by trade, and unfortunately it’s the latter skills that pays the bills.

When writing I’m never too far away from a glass; and it is my belief as to why we have two hands. Modern life comes with a lot of stress that only when we are in hindsight we can see the funny side. Expression and stiff drink aside, there’s no better therapy than laughter. So better play the odds and combine all three.

             Writing about the bad days saved by good whisky.

                          Welcome to The Damn Dram